Kathleen Pelley
Raj The Bookstore Tiger

Raj, the Bookstore Tiger

Illustrated by: Paige Keiser

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Raj teaches kids to stand up for themselves, don't believe in the put-downs, and guard your self-esteem. You have the POWER to not allow your self-esteem to plummet in the first place. I get excited teaching kids this stuff.


An ode to the power of reading aloud and the power of words.

RAJ is a bookstore cat with the heart of a tiger. But when he runs against a bully — a new bookstore cat named Snowball — Raj starts to doubt his inner tiger. With help from his owner and some wise words from a famous poet, Raj regains his confidence and helps Snowball do the same.

Is Felicity's bookstore big enough for two territorial felines? Raj the golden cat imagines himself a tiger as he prowls the busy bookstore where he "works" with owner Felicity, meowing at customers, strutting through storytime and permitting the humans to pet him...occasionally.

At night, purring Raj curls up with Felicity in the attic apartment they share over the store