Five Little Angels

Illustrated by: Ruth E. Harper

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In very few words, Kathleen Pelley captures the hearts of children in this tender telling of how actions on earth can bring delight to the heavenly realm. The masterful use of language delivers a feathery touch of entertainment to young listeners, who will delight in echoing the engaging refrain. Utilizing a subdued palette, the charming illustrations render the story in equal gentleness.
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As always Kathleen Pelley's flair for language offers a musical, whimsical adventure into a world where kindness reigns. She manages to deliver a sweet uncomplicated story which little ones can understand. Throughout the story the underlying message of care and forgiveness provides the perfect opportunity for child - centered conversations about relationships. Emergent readers can use the pictures to follow along and predict the next page. So cute!


Five Little Angels A lyrical read aloud to teach your little angel how kindness can build heaven on earth.

Join this celestial romp with five little angels, who hop on a cloud to take a peek at the world below, and see all sorts of loving acts of kindness, which sends them into a frenzy of delight.

Families looking for stories that value good deeds and acts of kindness will enjoy sharing Five Little Angels with their young ones . The angels are depicted with a range of skin tones and hair colors which make it easier for children to imagine themselves floating on that cloud as part of the group.

They may also be encouraged to carry out their own acts of kindness whether it is caring for others, protecting nature, or getting along with friends. Read it with your own little angel and then talk over the possibilities.

- The Fairview Review