Kathleen Pelley

Kathleen Pelley

Children’s Author, Storyteller, and Speaker

Kathleen Pelley is a native of Glasgow, Scotland, a children’s picture book author, and a life-long lover of story. She believes that a passion for stories helps us all to live life more gladly, compassionately, and creatively. Read More about Kathleen.

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or simply to say “You’re a great mom.”

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Welcome to my website. I am a native of Glasgow, Scotland, a picture book author, and a life long lover of story. Come explore with me.

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Baby Showers | Mother’s Day | Birthdays | Foster Parent Day
or simply to say “You’re a great mom.”


Resources for Parents

For over twenty years, I have been reading aloud at an inner city school to children in K-8, and so I am a huge advocate of READING ALOUD to children of all ages. You can listen to me reading aloud from over two dozen of my favorite classic picture books on my site. Some are available as video readalouds (children can listen to me read the book aloud AND see the illustrations), and others are available as storycasts – audio only (children can simply LISTEN to me reading aloud). To further enhance your enjoyment of these read alouds, there are many activity guides to accompany them. I invite you to use these resources as a way to connect with your child and share the love of reading.

End of the cuddle years?
40% of children aged 6-11 said they didn’t want their parents to stop reading aloud to them.
-Scholastic Reading Report 2015


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Resources for Teachers & Librarians

As a former elementary teacher in Scotland, I love sharing my passion for writing, reading, listening, and telling stories to children in schools. I hope you will enjoy using these free activity guides with your students.  Contact me if you have additional resource ideas or to learn more about my school visits.

Reading aloud to children is not only one of the best activities to stimulate language and cognitive skills; it also builds motivation, curiosity, and memory.


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Resources for Promoting Literacy in Your Community

Research shows that by the age of 3, children of parents who are college educated have acquired 1200 words, and by the age of 3, children of parents on welfare have acquired 400 words.  Promoting early literacy is the only way to close this gap.  I am passionate about working with Early Literacy groups to help spread the “Gospel” of – Reading Aloud to our children.

I also enjoy speaking to people in the professional world to inspire, affirm, and encourage them in the work they do, and to explore how a passion for literature can help us all live life more joyfully, creatively, and compassionately.

Help Make a Difference
Hart-Risley study on language development shows that children from low income families hear as many as 30 million fewer words than their more affluent peers before the age of 4.


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