Kathleen Pelley

Ned the Knock-Kneed Knight

Ned was a knight, big and brawny and burly, but… as timid as a kitten. Whenever he saw a spider or a bee or anything that scuttled or bumbled or buzzed, he shivered and shook and trembled from helmet to heel.  Whenever he heard a crash of thunder or the clash of swords, his teeth chattered, his skin sprouted goose bumps, and he turned as white as his horse, Snowball. So much did he quiver and quake and quail that everyone in the castle called him Ned the Knock-Kneed Knight.

Discover Kathleen's most recent publication: Ned the Knock-Kneed Knight, featured in the May/June issue of Cricket Magazine. The full story is now available to you with exclusive permission. Not for copy or re-use.