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Kathleen Pelley

Josephine Bevis
Kathleen Pelley is a picture book author. She came from Scotland and brought with her a very cool accent. She also has two older brothers. She grew up listening to stories and fell in love with them. Her dad took her to the library every week.
In 1991 she came to America because her husband was feeling homesick from Kansas City. 1991 was also when she began the wonderful and challenging world of being a picture book author. Her dad and the struggle of missing her home town inspired her to become the picture book author we know today. She loves writing very much and thinks it makes you a happier person.
She loves baking bread, reading, knitting, thinking during walking, and she has two golden retrievers that she loves to play with. She also loves creativity and inspiration. Her favorite animal is a dog and her favorite color is blue.
She has learned a lot about life as an author. Her struggle as an author was getting her first book published. Her happiest moment of the process of writing a book is holding the finished product in her hands. Her favorite quote is “The color of your thought dyes your soul”_ by Marcus Auriellius.
Here is her advice for young authors: READ, WRITE, CREATE!!!!!!! Most importantly “No act of writing is ever wasted” by Kathleen Pelley.