We recently acquired a new puppy in our household – Meet Roan!

Cute and cuddly and adorable, but…..he has wrought havoc with my daily writing routine. It’s difficult to write when you are on constant puppy patrol. But still, this experience has been good for me as it has made me more keenly aware than ever of what I tell children at schools:

Even if you have no intention of being a published author, the act of daily writing reaps multiple benefits, no matter who you are.

By daily writing, I don’t mean journal writing or writing for a school report, I mean simply sitting down with pencil and paper (NOT A COMPUTER – it poses a barrier between your thoughts and the paper in a way pencil and paper do not) and simply free writing about whatever comes to mind. Usually what surfaces are our deepest yearnings and longings, along with all our hurts and our hopes. It is only for our eyes and not for sharing with others and in that way, it becomes therapy at its best. It’s a wonderful exercise to share with children so they can see how the act of writing can help them think more clearly and cope with their emotions.