Often people will ask me if I have a favorite quote to turn to when the rejection blues get to me, and I suppose if I had to pick only one, it would be this – a little magnet that I keep in my kitchen.

“Show me a day when the world wasn’t new.” Sister Barbara Hance  


In this
glutted picture book market, it is easy to fall prey to the demons of
self-doubt and despair.  Sometimes I do
question if the world really needs one more book, or I despair of ever finding
an editor who will take my next story. “What’s the point?” I ask myself, “It’s
all been done before.  There really is
nothing new under the sun.”
this picture of a little boy’s face all aglow with wonder and awe always boosts
my flagging spirits, rekindles my childlike wonder at the world, and inspires
me to try and see with fresh eyes and a child’s innocence, so that maybe I will
find some glimpse of beauty, some glimmer of hope that will blossom into a new
story – then I pick up my pencil and paper and begin…again…