I have always loved this American holiday – a time to give thanks.  Using the verb – GIVING – implies that we must participate in an active way – how do we GIVE thanks?
For me, I think of this as a time to look at the great gift of life, to remember those who gave life to me – not just my parents, but all those holy men and women throughout my life who have GIVEN of themselves to lighten my load, to encourage me, to cheer and gladden me during dark days and troubled times.
This sense of gratitude is at the heart of all spirituality and it is also at the heart of all good children’s books, for children’s writers usually are writing out of something they have loved in this world…something they are grateful for, that they see as a gift, and so what do we want to do with a beautiful gift?  
Share it with others of course.

The Starry Night - Vincent van Gogh
“The best way to know God is to love many things.” Vincent Van Gogh

“All I want to say in books, all I ever wanted to say is, I LOVE THE WORLD”
E.B. White

“All of earth is crammed with Heaven.”
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Happy Thanksgving!