A big thanks to the 3rd graders at Carson Elementary for their warm welcome!  We had a wonderful time on our JOURNEY WITH STORY.


Here am I a explaining how a story is like a journey because it involves movement – not of one’s body, but of one’s heart.  And of course, these smart students immediately spotted that  the word EMOTION means a MOVEMENT of your HEART!



What great LISTENERS these students were!  They defined “RAPT”

One of my favorite questions came from a little boy who asked, “What is your favorite part of America?  I had been explaining how The Giant King evolved in part from my own experience of moving from another country to America and at first, feeling as if I did not belong.   And so, I think this little fellow was wanting to make sure that I felt as if I “belonged” now – hence his question.  However, I told him that his question was such a good one that I could not answer it on the spot and it deserved a lot more time to ponder……so I am still pondering it!

But I do know that always, always, always, when I make a school visit, it is definitely my most favorite part of my week!

Thank you Carson Elementary!