No wonder then, that as a little girl, I was drawn to stories of the saints, because so many of them were just like my beloved FAIRY TALES, showing how the IMPOSSIBLE becomes POSSIBLE.

St. George fighting a fearsome dragon.

St. Patrick being captured by pirates, escaping, and bringing Christianity to Ireland.


St. Francis taming the Wolf of Gubbio.

St. Christopher, a giant who had to cross a raging river with the Christ child on his shoulders.


Christopher. the Patron saint of Travelers,  was always one of my favorite saints – no matter that the church “demoted” him a few decades ago – his story is one that still resonates with me to this day, and I always have a St. Christopher medal in my car ( since I am severely geographically challenged, I need all the help I can get!).  And of course, I am married to a Christopher – he is not a saint yet, but….we are working on it!