Children’s Literature Class for student teachers at Regis University

It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to share my passion for literature with student teachers.  And I have been a regular speaker at Anne Henderson’s class at Regis University for the past several years.  Anne has heard my talk on Nurturing a Passion for Stories for so long, that she could probably do this presentation without me!  Not only do I talk about my own books that I have written, but I share stories from all my sixteen years at Loyola school, where I have been reading fairy tales and folk tales from around the world to the children from Kindergarten to 7th Grade.  And it is there that I see the truth of Jane Yolen’s words – “Adult books maintain lives.  Children’s books change lives.”  And that is why, with the plethora of books out there, that all of us teachers, parents, grandparents, authors, need to choose which books we decide to read to our little ones.  They had better be the very best of the best, for indeed we are feeding little hearts and souls.