This month’s read aloud, THE PIED PIPER centers around a promise made and a promise broken, and provides a perfect prompt for a discussion with our children about what a promise is and what can happen when we break our promises.



I have always loved rainbows – no, not just because of my Irish heritage that encourages me to seek that pot of gold hidden at rainbow’s end, but because these prisms of light never fail to make me catch my breath in wonder at the beauty of creation.



They remind me of Jane Yolen’s words, “Literature is prismatic.  Light shines through the excellent books or dances off, and the rainbow it gives shines on and on in a child’s life in a thousand different ways.”  They remind me of the PROMISE that each new day holds – the PROMISE of what Browning says, “all of earth is crammed with heaven…”

When I visit children at schools, I always like to end my talk by telling them that really, no matter what job they end up doing, be it baker, banker, singer, scientist, artist or astronaut, we all have the same job, in the end, and that is  – to do our little bit of good and join it with others’ bits of good.

Good stories brim with promise – the promise that Good will Triumph, the promise that no matter how flawed each of us is, at our inner core, we shine like the sun – we are all full of PROMISE!

Other books about PROMISES to share and discuss with your children: