A huge thank you to all the staff, students, and parents at Lena Pope for extending me such a warm welcome to their learning community.  This was nothing short of an author’s DREAM visit!  All the children were so wise and wondering in their questions, so engaged and enthusiastic in their listening, and so endearing and refreshing in their presence.  THEY inspired ME!

Lena Pope

Children’s Art Work Displaying Mission of Lena Pope

Charter Hill Academy Students

Charter Hill Academy Kindergartners

Of course, I had to introduce them to our Scottish Nessie before we read Happy Mamas.

Parents Reading Happy Mamas

Parents Reading Happy Mamas to Their Little Ones

Lena Pope Luncheon

Luncheon at Lena Pope to Celebrate Mothering, Happiness, and… READING ALOUD

Lena Pope Luncheon

Sometimes a sad part of mothering?  Watching her little ones… fly from the nest!

Happy Mamas Children Art

No–this is NOT the cover of our book!  This is art work from students at CHA/Lena Pope. Amazing!

The Giant King Children
The Giant King Children
The Giant King Children

4th Grade Art Inspired by The Giant King

Kindness Tree

What better way to grow kindness in our little ones!