I just got back from CWLA’s 2017 National Conference, where I presented at their final luncheon on Book Balm–the healing power of stories.

I left filled with awe and admiration for all the marvelous work these social workers and caregivers do on behalf of all the children who are most at risk. Madeleine L’Engle maintains that “a book too can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness,” but it seems to me that all these conference attendees who minister to children on their darkest days, are also stars–bringing light and hope to all the little ones in their care.

I also managed to visit a couple of schools while I was in D.C.: Faith Lutheran Preschool and Long Branch Elementary. What a wonderful group of children and students!

Favorite lines:

When I asked the preschoolers what makes their Mama happy, one little munchkin proclaimed proudly, “ME!”

And one kindergartener asked me very seriously, “Why can’t giraffes talk?” Hmmm, I feel some story ideas sparking!

Faith Lutheran Preschoolers

Faith Lutheran Preschoolers

Long Branch Kindergartners

Long Branch Kindergartners

CWLA Director of Publications, Marlene Saulsbury, and I as we wind up the conference.

Kathleen and Marlene Saulsbury

CWLA 2017 Conference–Happy Mamas and Giant King in the Exhibit Hall

CWLA Happy Mamas on display