“The best way to know God is to love many things.”

Vincent Van Gogh
I love pondering the infinite aspect of love and creativity.  It is easy for children to understand when I tell them that my grandmother had nine children, and my mother had three children, but my grandmother did not love her nine children any less than my mother loved her three children.  It is a bit like the magic well in the fairy tales.  As long as you keep dipping your ladle into the well, it will never run dry.  So too with our hearts, as long as we choose to keep loving, then our magic wells – our hearts – will never run dry!  And as long as we keep creating, we will never run out of things to create.
A LOVELY writing and life exercise for children and adults – at end of every day:
Write down three things that you LOVED about your day.
You should really never run out of things to write about!