Love inspires

My second book, Inventor McGregor, is all about a jolly fellow by the name of Hector McGregor who discovers that the source of inspiration lies in the heart of his happy, happy home – surrounded by his cheery wife, five children and a hen called Hattie.  In other words LOVE inspires him, as it does all of us, I believe.
Inspire is a Latin word – INSPIRARE – and it means to breath life into.  Isn’t that a powerful definition?
So while it is love that inspires us all, it will be a different love for different people.  But whether it is science, baseball, dinosaurs, Mozart, hiking, swimming, baking, painting, or writing, these loves make us want to live more, they put us in touch with our better selves and help us make the world a better place.
“Love the earth and sun and animals.
Despise riches.  Give alms to
anyone who asks.  Stand up for the stupid
and the crazy.  Devote your income and
labor to others……and your very flesh shall be a great poem”  Whitman
A good question to end each day –
“What breathed life into me?”