Thanksgiving is one of my favorite American holidays, not only because it transcends age, religion, and race, not only because we can feast with family and friends free from the rampant consumerism that bedevils so many other holidays, not only because its very name Thanks GIVING implies action on our part rather than passive acceptance, but also because it reminds me that as a children’s author, the most important part of my job is to GIVE THANKS through the stories I write.

“All I want to say in books, all I ever wanted to say, is I LOVE THE WORLD”

When we love the world, we will never run out of things to be thankful for….nor will we writers ever run out of things to write about!

When I do school visits, I like to encourage children to keep a gratitude journal, for not only will it help them become better writers, it will also help them become better and happier human beings.  All theologians will tell you that at the core of all spirituality is GRATITUDE, and so cultivating a habit of gratitude turns every day into Thanksgiving.

The word HOLIDAY comes from the old English word Haligdaeg – meaning HOLY.

May your Thanksgiving be a HOLY one, filled with the joy of GIVING THANKS!

Pooh Bear