This book by Jenny Nimmo is an all-time favorite with kids at schools – very scary story from Scotland, with a great redemptive ending that beautifully illustrates the power of grace and goodness over the forces of evil!  Great for grades 5 and up.

On this upcoming Hallowed night then, I hope you may have a good ghost story or two to read to your little ones – to celebrate the POWER of GOOD over EVIL.The next day- the glorious feast of All Saints (one of my favorite holy days), I know that I will say a special prayer to all those “big” saints like Patrick and Joseph, Teresa and Bridget who filled this world with their goodness and grace and light.

And I will also pray also to all those “little” saints – all those holy men and women who have touched my life with their particular goodness, grace, and light – my mum and my dad, all my dear Irish aunties and uncles, and even those wonderful writers, like C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L’Engle, and Thomas Merton, whose words continue to feed and nourish me.

To miss this opportunity of spreading the Gospel – the Good News that we are indeed people of the Light and that we know without a shadow of a doubt that goodness and grace will always trump the forces of evil and darkness, would indeed make this a very “hollow” festival!  So, light the lanterns, tell the spooky tales, don the wizards’ robes and witches’ hats, and have a

Happy HALLOW  – EEN!