What a wonderful welcome Girl Scout Troop #2732 of Centennial gave me this week.

We read The Giant King and talked about our Writers’ Roots – what they are and how to feed them.

We talked about my two “Muses,” who are….

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My two Goldens, of course – Isla and Fergus

These clever girls even knew who the nine Greek Muses were!

They asked me, “Is Nessie real?”


Yes, or so all good Scots will tell you!  So impressed that these clever girls knew where Nessie lived – in Loch Ness of course.

We talked about how “reading aloud can cure pretty much everything from warts to global warming,” as Mem Fox tells us, because reading aloud GOOD stories feeds our hearts, making them bigger and better and bolder!

We talked about the importance of learning poems “by heart.”  I was “heartened” to see that all these girl scouts were reciting all kinds of little chants and ditties before their meeting began – they already know the value of LEARNING BY HEART!

Gorgeous Gaggle of Girls

Thank you Girl Scout Troop #2732
“Burn Bright!”