For the past 16 years I have been reading stories to the children of Loyola Grade school. Alas, Loyola was forced to close this May, and so I had to bid my little friends adieu. It was such a pleasure to be able to share with them my passion for stories. Over the years they too have fallen in love with many of  my favorite stories: The Name of the Tree by Celia Lottridge, Child of Fairie by Jane Yolen, All the Anansi stories, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Inga Moore, When Jessie came across the Sea by Amy Hest, The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde, and many, many more. Jane Yolen said that “Literature is prismatic. Light shines through the excellent books or dances off, and the rainbow it gives shine on and on in a child’s life in a thousand different ways.” How I hope that all those stories which touched these dear little children will keep their hearts shining brightly forever!


Loyola Kindergarten
Loyola 2nd Graders
Loyola 3rd Graders with The Giant King– finding the “king in one another!”


Loyola 5th Graders and carving of The Giant King