What a fun visit to The Denver Post last week.  I was invited to be their guest author for some budding young journalists.  The asked me some very thought provoking questions, such as:

What have you learned from being an author?

Hmm, I think I will have to ponder that for a while!  In the meantime, here is a great little article from one of the young journalists.  Well done, James!

An Inspiring Writer

James Green
She said always be true to yourself. The person who said is Kathleen T. Pelley. She is an inspiring picture book writer .She loves writing and listening to stories. That is what inspired her to start writing stories. She does not write adult books. Kathleen came to America because her husband lives in America. She misses Scotland but she is glad she moved to America too. She is also a teacher. Her dad inspired her to start writing books.
This all happened July 19, 2013 in a small group. She started writing books when she moved to America. She started writing when she could hold a pencil. She also said the color of your thought dies down your soul. Kathleen has two older brothers. She says it fun when you are the only brother or sister so you can play with your own stuff.
Her dad was a telephone operator. He works at night. She came to America in 1991. A favorite hobby for her is walking. Her favorite color is blue. She said nothing you write will be wasted. The library is a huge part of her life. She learned that writing takes you out of yourself and writing can teach you about a lot. One of her struggles was moving to America but one of her struggles in writing is writing her first book.
Kathleen is an inspiring writer and you should read her books.