This month’s read aloud, Brigid’s Cloak is a lovely re-telling of an old Irish legend about Ireland’s other patron saint –Brigid, who finds herself mystically transported to the stable in Bethlehem.  At this time of year I love to look at the various nativity scenes displayed in churches or in people’s homes, and I find myself thinking of an article I read many years ago in a magazine about a young priest who went to visit his sister for the Christmas holiday.  His two year old niece met him at the front door and immediately dragged him by his sleeve to show him their Nativity scene which she had helped arrange.  Bending down beside her, he asked in a hushed whisper, “Wow – what’s this?” Whereupon the little girl chirped, “BREAKABLE!”

Every year around this time, I find myself pondering this whole notion of brokenness – we live in a broken world, we walk with one another in our different forms of “brokenness,” and yet….Christmas is the season of JOY and HOPE – the two most important ingredients of ALL GOOD children’s stories – because we believe that in the end – all will be well – that good will triumph – that we will mend each other with love as we welcome the stranger, the lonely and the most “breakable” in our world.

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