Learn About the Origin of Hunting Elephants in this African Folktale -Storytelling Podcast for Kids -Thunder, Elephant, and Dorobo E:111

An African folktale, retold by Humphrey Harman, that explains how man and elephant came to distrust one another and why men continue to hunt elephants. A wise tale that teaches us how trust can be broken. (duration 14 minutes)  An episode from Journey with Story – a storytelling podcast for kids.

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Light up your Halloween with this Slightly Spooky Poem – Storytelling Podcast for Kids – The Dong with the Luminous Nose:E 109

A slightly spooky tale for Halloween about a poor, lonely creature called a Dong, who misses his true love (a Jumbly girl) so much that he fastens himself a long, luminous nose and sets off throughout the dark and dreary night, playing a mournful pipe in the hopes of finding his sweetheart.  (duration 9 minutes) […]

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Delight in the Antics of this Cat Burglar – Storytelling Podcast for Kids – McCavity the Mystery Cat :E106

Children will delight in the antics of this mischievous cat burglar, McCavity, who always manages to escape being captured despite leaving fishbones and paw prints at the scene of the crime.  A beloved poem by T. S. Eliot that children will enjoy reciting for themselves.  (duration 6 minutes)  Ages 5-10 An episode from the storytelling […]

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Discover How to Prove You’re a Princess in this fun Fairytale – Storytelling Podcast for Kids – The Princess and the Pea:E104

The classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen (lightly adapted by Kathleen) about a Queen who devises a special test to prove whether or not a young girl who knocks on the palace door in the middle of a storm and claims to be a princess, is really of royal blood or not.  (duration – […]

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Bask in the Beauty of Moonflower in this Japanese Folktale – Storytelling Podcast for Kids – Moonflower:E 103

One spring evening, the Moon sends one of her children to a poor childless couple and tells that she will be theirs to look after for 18 years.  A beautiful folktale from Japan that celebrates wisdom, kindness, and goodness.  (duration – 8 minutes) An episode from Journey with Story, a storytelling podcast for kids.

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Learn How to Make Peace with this Indian Folktale – Storytelling Podcast for Kids – The Elephants’ Reward E:102

A herd of elephants and a community of mice learn to live together in friendship and harmony in an abandoned Indian village – An old Indian folktale that celebrates the truth that kindness breeds kindness.  (duration 9 minutes) An episode from Journey with Story, a storytelling podcast for kids.

Check out […]

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