Bask in the Beauty of Moonflower in this Japanese Folktale – Storytelling Podcast for Kids – Moonflower:E 103

One spring evening, the Moon sends one of her children to a poor childless couple and tells that she will be theirs to look after for 18 years.  A beautiful folktale from Japan that celebrates wisdom, kindness, and goodness.  (duration – 8 minutes) An episode from Journey with Story, a storytelling podcast for kids.

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Learn How to Make Peace with this Indian Folktale – Storytelling Podcast for Kids – The Elephants’ Reward E:102

A herd of elephants and a community of mice learn to live together in friendship and harmony in an abandoned Indian village – An old Indian folktale that celebrates the truth that kindness breeds kindness.  (duration 9 minutes) An episode from Journey with Story, a storytelling podcast for kids.

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Discover the Secret of Happiness with this Indian Folktale -Storytelling Podcast for Kids – The Price of Greed:E101

 When a holy man grants three wishes to a poor Indian couple who are living a very miserly life, they discover the secret to happiness lies in friendship, generosity, and treasuring your family.  A perfect tale to remind us of that old adage – be careful what you wish for.  (duration 8minutes) An episode from […]

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Discover how Life is Gift -Precious Beyond Measure in our 100th Episode – Storytelling Podcast for Kids – Magnus Maximus, A Marvelous Measurer:E100

Celebrate our 100th episode of our podcast with this story of an old man who loves to measure things, but discovers that – the best things in life are not meant to be measured – only treasured.  (duration 18 minutes -includes a special guest singer)  

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Beware of Blaming Others -Storytelling Podcast for Kids – The Tale of the Linani Beast:E99

Discover what happens when a young man blames his girlfriend for making him steal the tale of a fierce Linani Beast.  A fun folktale from Kenya that teaches children the importance of not blaming others for their “naughty deeds.”  (duration 15 minutes) Ages 5-10

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Teach Courage and Confidence with this African Folktale – Storytelling Podcast for Kids – The Caterpillar’s Voice E:96

A tiny caterpillar crawls into a cave that is Hare’s home and plays a trick on all the animals by terrifying them with his big booming voice. A fun, cumulative tale that teaches children how courage and confidence are not always related to size.  (duration – 7 minutes) An episode from Journey with Story, a […]

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