Writing as Therapy

We recently acquired a new puppy in our household – Meet Roan!

Cute and cuddly and adorable, but…..he has wrought havoc with my daily writing routine. It’s difficult to write when you are on constant puppy patrol. But still, this experience has been good for me as […]

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The Blank Page

Most writers I know, regardless of how many books they’ve written or how many awards they’ve garnered, will admit to feelings of inadequacy and apprehension when they face that dreaded “blank page” at the beginning of their new story.

That “blank page” – that scary beginning, is a challenge for all of us at different […]

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Stories as Medicine

When I visit schools, children will often ask me, “Did you always want to be an author?”

I explain how I was a HISTORY major at university, because, although I did not remember all the dates and facts, I always remembered the STORIES of these long ago characters.

Indeed, […]

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Take Joy! (Mother’s Day)

This month I will be celebrating a belated Mother’s Day on May 18th with BOTH my daughters in Paris, France – JOY!

Jane Yolen, who is considered the American Hans Christian Andersen, maintains one of the most crucial ingredients for any children’s book, even if there is a backdrop of loss or sadness, should be… […]

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I came across this card many years ago – inside the message is simply one word –


I like to share this image when I make my presentations to children and parents to illustrate the fact that […]

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St. Patrick’s Day – 2019

Now that all the red hearts, cuddly bears, and boxes of chocolates on the store shelves have been replaced by shamrock cookies, shiny leprechaun hats and bottles of green beer, we are left in no doubt that St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us.

But what are we really celebrating on this day? Just as […]

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Love Makes the World Go ‘Round

Are you one of those people, like me, who ascribes to the old adage, “Love makes the world go ‘round?” Or maybe you are more of a pragmatist who insists, “Money makes the world go ‘round?” Whichever camp you fall into, none of us can ignore the barrage of Valentine’s Day paraphernalia that bombards us […]

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