Happy Mamas

Written by Kathleen Pelley | Illustrated by Ruth E. Harper

An Ode to Motherhood.

Winner of Mom’s Choice Awards and Moonbeam Children’s Book Award.

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A lyrical picture book that pays tribute to the universal joys of mothering in the animal and in the human kingdom.  Charming illustrations depict all the activities that bring joy to a mama and her baby over the course of a day: feeding her little ones bundles of bamboo shoots, teaching her calf how to trumpet loud a jungle cheer, playing peek a boo, watching her little ones fly from the nest, singing a serenade to the man in the moon, or crooning owly lullabies through the deep dark woods.  But as the moon glows and the stars shine, what is it that makes all Mamas from desert to jungle, from forest to field, from land to sea happiest by far?

Mamas and babies everywhere will delight in this happy romp – a perfect ode to Motherhood.

Available in English & Spanish!

Published by the Children’s Welfare League of America (CWLA)

Happy Mama’s can now be found on Audio.

Audible, an Amazon company, is now offering Happy Mamas! This lyrical audiobook pays tribute to the universal joys of mothering in the animal and human kingdoms. Get your Audible copy today!

Here’s what one listener had to say:

Incredibly Sweet and Fun Story for Young Children! 
If you could sum up Happy Mamas in three words, what would they be?
Makes me smile as I listen. Wonderful music and sound effects. I believe this is also available as a picture book. So would be excellent to sit down and look at pictures while listening with a small child. I can’t wait to play the audio for my grandchild. I know he will love it!

Sassy Lassy, 5 out 5 Stars - 9/11/17

Activity Guides

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CWLA Ambassador

CWLA, the nation’s oldest and largest membership-based child welfare organization, has been known and respected as a champion for children since 1920. Their primary objective is to make children, especially our most vulnerable children, a priority in the United States. Each year, on average, reports of abuse and neglect involve more than 2.8 million children, and three children die every day from maltreatment. The proceeds from the sale of Happy Mamas helps CWLA’s mission to promote the well-being of children and young people and to protect them from harm. http://www.cwla.org/about-us/history/

I have been working with CWLA – The Child Welfare League of America- since 2003 when they published my first picture book, The Giant King (still in print after 13 years!) I have written for CWLA’s flagship magazine, Children’s Voice, and have spoken at CWLA conferences. And I recently collaborated on a Happy Mamas reading event with CWLA member organization Lena Pope in Fort Worth, Texas.

Now it is my honor and my privilege to be named as CWLA’s latest Ambassador.  Thank you CWLA for all that you do to bring healing and happiness to so many children and their families.

Kathleen’s Inspiration for Happy Mamas

Learn about Kathleen’s journey in creating and writing Happy Mamas.

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