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This month’s read aloud, THE PIED PIPER centers around a promise made and a promise broken, and provides a perfect prompt for a discussion with our children about what a promise is and what can happen when we break our promises.



I have always loved rainbows – […]

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What We Know

This month’s read aloud HOW THE MANX CAT LOST ITS TAIL (retold and illustrated by Janet Stevens) is a lively retelling of an old story from the Isle of Man, that not only explains how the Manx cat lost its tail in the door of Noah’s Ark, but also explains how Noah’s wife is the only person […]

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The Enormous Crocodile

The Enormous Crocodile

Read by Kathleen Pelley

crocodileThe Enormous Crocodilewritten by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake. It’s an exciting tale about a very nasty crocodile who devises secret plans and clever tricks to secure his lunch, only to have them foiled by his neighbors.

Ages: Suitable for […]

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The Gardener

The Gardener

Read by Kathleen Pelley

TheGardener (1)The Gardener, written by Sarah Stewart and illustrated by David Small.

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust

A series of letters relating what happens when, […]

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This month’s read aloud is THE GARDENER by Sarah Stewart and David Small – it tells the story of Lydia Grace who is sent to live with her Uncle Jim in the city […]

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Young Writer’s Camp

Last week I did a presentation for a Young Writers’ Camp on Inspiration. We talked a lot about what inspires them – what breathes life into them – and we talked a lot about what helps us to write.
My top writing tip – no surprise – […]

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Story Connections

A Story for Bear

This month’s read aloud is A Story for Bear by Dennis Hasely, a tender tale about a bear who becomes mesmerized by the sound of a woman’s voice as she reads stories of sailors, goddesses, and far-off lands.I love the title of this […]

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A Story for Bear

A Story for Bear

Read by Kathleen Pelley

StoryForBear_webA Story for Bear, story by Dennis Haseley and Illustrated by Jim LaMarche.

“The storytellers go back and back to a clearing in the forest, where a great fire burns and the old shamans dance and sing, for our heritage of stories […]

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“The End of Absence”

End of Absence-COVERI just recently read this book, THE END OF ABSENCE, and like all excellent books, it left me with more questions than answers about this life and how to live it well.

I will not attempt to write a comprehensive review of it here, […]

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