School Visits Praise

“Inspiring, encouraging, inviting , warm and friendly…How! Tumwater received the “complete package” when you came to visit. We are so lucky and honored to have you as a guest. Not only are you an accomplished author, but you are also a gifted speaker. Your tales of Scottish youth, your sharing of a loving family, and your inspirational message to “do good” in the world were heard loud and clear by our fourth graders. It isn’t often that the group sits quietly and attentively, but you captured their interest, held it, and managed to have them think about what truly matters to them.
Your visit will be forever remembered by both myself and my students. Thank you for sharing your love of writing with us.”
Janet Schloz, 4th Grade Teacher
“Mrs. Pelley’s inspirational discussion on how she puts herself into her writing is great for student authors to hear.”
Dana Gallegos, Middle School Writers’ Workshop and Religion
“Your joy in expressing God’s love for us is evident in each of your books.”
Jo Ann Ehrlich , 5th Grade Teacher
“Wow! Love your passion. I want to read out loud right now.”
Staci Justus, Coyote Hills Elementary, CO
“What an excellent and spiritual presentation – kids loved it and were in AWE!”
Sister Sheila Seng, 3rd Grade Teacher
“Friday, after your visit, two of my boys took their rulers and notebooks outside to measure – they want to be the official school measurers!”
Diane Thearine, 4th Grade Teacher – Sierra Elementary, Arvada, CO
“The students were so engaged the entire hour and can hardly wait for creative writing this afternoon to write about what inspires them.”
Caroline Marvin , St. Mary’s Academy, Englewood, CO
“Have personally experienced your comment about children rising to expectations. Every teacher should be taught this truism in first year of college.”
Novella Wickham, Tumwater Hill Elementary - Seattle, WA
“You are a beautiful storyteller and human being. I am blessed to have crossed paths with you.”
Karin Goheen , Tumwater Hill Elementary - Seattle, WA
“Your presentation is fabulous. I wanted to rush home and read aloud to a child!”
Janet Schloz , 4th Grade Teacher at Tumwater Hill Elementary - Seattle, WA

Adult Presentation Praise

“Every year I attend CCIRA, I always attend her sessions. She is so magical and inspiring. She brings joyful tears to my eyes and lights a passion in my heart for stories that will teach generations to come.”
Ashley Perez, Grandview Elementary CO
“The way you weave thoughts from people across cultures, across time is inspiring: you breathe life into us!”
Nadine Voth, Fundamental Learning Center, Wichita KS
“Copied your quotes for our library wall. Your talk is about passion, how to live life, and how to inspire ourselves and our children, not about selling your books! Thank you. Very inspirational.”
Lisa Whitacre , Laschools.net
“A voice (what a voice) for life!”
Laura Krob, Brush High School, CO
“As the middle school language arts teacher, I so appreciated your comment on how a person is never too old for a picture book. How true! Also, I loved that you included Latin in your presentation. I teach my 8th grade Latin and Greed and Old English etymology. It is so important to understand the tradition of words and I appreciate you reinforcing that.”
Cristina Russell, Language Arts Teacher, Guardian Angels School, CO
“Kathleen’s presentation was educational and inspirational. Her love of books and writing is contagious.”
Jaclyn Kleinsmith , Triangle Day School, Durham, North Carolina
“Kathleen took us on an adventure that makes us want to pack up a suitcase of her books and set sail for an adventure of your heart.”
Erika Brimberry , Hearts at Home Group, Highlands Ranch, CO
“Kathleen’s passion for life and sharing the beauty of picture books and stories is truly inspiring. Every teacher and parent needs to hear about her journey because children’s books change lives.”
Anne Henderson , Regis University, Teacher of Children’s Literature Class

Children’s Wall

Children Love Kathleen’s Visits!