Spread Christmas Cheer with this Folktale – Storytelling Podcast for Kids – The Little Girl and the Winter Whirlwinds:E62

When the wicked Winter Witch takes control over the mountain and the surrounding villages, a kind and courageous little girl sets off to battle the Winter Whirlwinds and wake the sleeping Spring.  A Bulgarian Folktale.  (duration – 11 minutes)  An episode from Journey with Story. a storytelling podcast for kids.

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Spread Christmas Kindness with this Scottish Tale- Storytelling Podcast for Kids – The Giant King:E60

In long ago Scotland, a talented young woodcarver, called, Rabbie, saves the townspeople from a  fierce giant by persuading them to treat him like a king.  Written by Kathleen T. Pelley and published by the Child Welfare League of America, this Scottish fable celebrates the power of kindness.  For children ages 4-10.  (Duration – 15 […]

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