Teach Gratitude with this Classic Aesop’s Fable – Storytelling Podcast for Kids -Androcles and the Lion: E59

In this beloved Aesop’s fable, a runaway slave befriends a lion by showing him kindness and compassion, and some years later when the slave is captured by the Romans the lion shows his gratitude and loyalty to his friend.  A perfect story to celebrate Thanksgiving.  (duration – 10 minutes) An episode from Journey with Story, […]

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Teach your Kids to Speak the Truth with this Classic Fairytale – Storytelling Podcast for Kids – The Emperor’s New Clothes:E58

In this classic fairytale from Hans Christian Andersen, two tricksters tell a vain emperor that they can weave him the most beautiful suit of clothes that will be invisible to fools and those who are unfit for their jobs. When the suit is finished and the Emperor parades through the town to show off his […]

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