Land of Saints and Scholars 2

And now for….THE SCHOLARS!

Jonathan Swift -1667 -1745

Remember Gulliver’s Travels?

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Girl Scout Troop #2732

What a wonderful welcome Girl Scout Troop #2732 of Centennial gave me this week.

We read The Giant King and talked about our Writers’ Roots – what they are and how to feed them.

We talked about my two “Muses,” who are….

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St. Patrick’s Day

A few years back I happened to be making a school visit on St. Patrick’s Day, and was delighted to see all the children dressed up in my favorite color – GREEN.
But I was somewhat dismayed when I asked them “Who can tell me who St. Patrick was?”  One little fellow boldly proclaimed, “I […]

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Saint Patrick and the Peddler

Saint Patrick and the Peddler

Read by Kathleen Pelley

SaintPatrickandthePeddlercoverSaint Patrick and the Peddler Saint Patrick and the Peddler, by Margaret Hodges


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The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies

Read […]

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