Friends 2



So many of the books I read to children depict the most unlikely of friends, such as Amos, the mouse and Boris, the whale in William Steig’s classic, “Amos and Boris.”

Understanding and delighting in our differences is surely one of the gifts of a good friendship….and of a good story!

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Friends 1


This month’s read aloud celebrates the gift of friendship.  The Sugar Mouse Cake is a beloved classic about the friendship between a poor pastry chef and his pet mouse, Tina.  What a lovely opportunity to discuss with our children how truly precious a good friend is, and to share […]

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Scottish Quiet



I took a little trip back to my native Scotland last month and was able to indulge my love of QUIET walks in the beautiful Scottish countryside – breathtaking scenery of lush forests, misty mountains, and sparkling Lochs, complemented by birdsong, babbling brooks, and the distant bleat of sheep […]

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The Sugar Mouse Cake

The Sugar Mouse Cake

Read by Kathleen Pelley

sugarmouseThe Sugar Mouse Cake A beloved classic, The Sugar Mouse Cake is written by Gene Zion and illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham. With the help of his pet mouse, Tina, a poor pastry chef bakes a cake that is judged […]

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