Isla – my other Muse

My other Golden, Isla (s is silent) was a little jealous to see Fergus hog the limelight lately,  so I thought I better add that –  Isla too often serves as my Muse.

 Her passion is balancing her favorite ball on her nose, like this –

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My Muse – Fergus



According to the ancient Greeks there were nine Muses – nine daughters of Zeus who inspired artists to create new music or plays or stories.  And of course, in modern times, we writers will often […]

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Kindness – the Giant King

The other day, on NPR, I heard someone quoting his favorite “words to live by” as – “Be kind to one another for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  The quote is often attributed to Plato, but actually, it is from a Scotsman by the name of Ian […]

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