10 Little Things That Make Me a Happy Mama

Written by Tiffany R.

I have two silly boys, ages 4 and 5, and to celebrate Kathleen’s new book, Happy Mamas: An Ode to Motherhood, I’d like to share some little things that make me a very Happy Mama.

2. When I realize they genuinely think I’m great. They tell me I look beautiful when I don’t, they ask me questions in full confidence that I know simply everything, they share their ice cream with me when they don’t want to, and they laugh when I’m not funny. They really love me and it feels amazing.

Everyone tells us, “Take the time to appreciate these moments for they won’t last long.” We hear it so much it starts to lose its meaning. I have to admit, though, writing all these things down has made me feel so very lucky and grateful that I think I’ll make a habit of it.

What makes you a Happy Mama? We’d love to hear from you!