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Reading Aloud

Reading aloud nurtures the art of listening for parents and children. This is an opportunity for mum, dad, grandma, granddad, or teacher to cuddle up with a little one and really LISTEN. Watch a video Readaloud or listen to a Storycast to engage in the magic and joy of stories.

NEW in March | Storycast: The Man Who Loved Books

The Man Who Loved Books by Jean Fritz

A tender retelling of the legend surrounding St. Columba, who was renowned for his love of books and his missionary work throughout Scotland.

Ages: 6 – 9

Kathleen in the mountains

As many of you know, my passion for stories stemmed from sitting crouched in front of the radio, listening to the BBC Children’s Story Hour. Later, my gentle Irish father continued to fan the flame as he fed me tales of fairies, banshees, and leprechauns.  Using my experience as a teacher, narrator of books for the blind, picture book author, and storyteller at an inner-city school, I enjoy sharing my passion for stories with people of all ages. At the beginning of each month I will be sharing a video readaloud or storycast of some of my favorite children stories. I’ll pick a topic and a book, and provide a video readaloud with related activities and suggestions for follow-up discussions.

Enjoy these beautiful stories presented in an online video (viewable on a computer, tablet or smartphone). I will also be sharing additional thoughts about the monthly topic in my Blog. Please also feel free to share your love of stories and storytelling with me there.


When Jessie Came Across the Sea
Finn McCool and the Great Fish
For the Love of Autumn
Brave Irene
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Brigid's Cloak
Pascual and the Kitchen Angels
The Witch and the Singing Mice
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
How the Manx Cat Lost Its Tail
The Gardener
A Story for Bear
The Rainbabies
Mole Music
Flummoxed Fairies
Saint Patrick
Mr. Hatch
Mabela the Clever
The Gift of the Magi
Martin de Porres
Child of Faerie
Two Travelers
Sugar Mouse Cake
The Quiet Place
The Happy Lion
The Wild Boy
The Enormous Crocodile
Amos & Boris
Name of the Tree
Jonathan Toomey

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The Man Who Loved Books
The Emperor and the Kite
The Night Before Christmas
How Many Days to America?
Room on the Broom
The Three Little Tamales
Bear Snores On
The Frog Princess
The Orphan Boy
The Runaway Bunny
Kate and the Beanstalk
Fair Brown and Trembling
Doña Flor
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters
Father and Son
The Little Jester
Sparks Fly High
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
Clever Jack Takes the Cake
The Giant Who Was Afraid of Butterflies
Maggie, The Farmer's Daughter
Sophie's Masterpiece
The Lion's Whiskers
The Good Stepmother
First Light
How Many Miles to Bethlehem?
Martin the Cobbler
The Nativity of our Lord
Sleep Like a Tiger
St. Paul’s First Letter
The Little Boy’s Secret
The Selfish Giant
The Spiffiest Giant in Town
Why a Donkey was Chosen

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