“Let’s Talk Character” – interview for TBA

I recently did an interview with the wonderful Barbara Gruener– counselor and character coach.  She raised some interesting questions that I think are worthy of further elaboration.

Do  I intentionally weave values or virtues into my work?

Often parents or teachers will tell me that they love the fact that my stories […]

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School Stories

 A recent article in The Guardian about “school stories,” got me thinking.

Andy Milligan,w ho won The Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize listed his Top 10 “school stories,” which a former teacher of his said “were
collectively preposterous because school was predictable, safe and
filled to the brim with timetabled tedium. The teacher was […]

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Passion or Addiction?

I feel lucky to be a person of many passions, but my two most ardent passions are probably reading and writing.  Some years ago, while reading a book about writing, I came upon a quote that ultimately inspired the title of a talk that I give frequently to teachers and parents – Nurturing a Passion […]

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